Surrounding Reality

Wrzesień 21, 2011
IntroDucing! Productions
Number of discs: 1

Surrounding Reality. For fans of the jazz-hop genre that is becoming popular throughout the planet, there is no way you can pass on the refreshing sounds coming from Avens. Fans of Nujabes, Kondor, and Blazo will have no problem throwing Avens’ Surrounding Realityright in the rotation.  The album features such artists as Doc Wattson, Kondor, Bahr, Jas Mace, Uptown Swuite, CL, Thomas Prime, and Mrs Bux.

Check out the tracklisting!

1. IntroDucing
2. Memorable Soul (Feat. Doc Wattson)
3. Awake for life (Feat. Kondor)
4. Interlude
5. Tone of Mind (Feat. Bahr)
6. Do Not Forget Love
7. Abstract Moments
8. Remember Times
9. Nujabes Tribute
10. Two Seasons
11. Surrounding Reality (Feat. Jas Mace)
12. Night Watchers (Feat. Uptown Swuite)
13. OutroDucing
14. Generativity(Feat. CL & Mrs Bux & Thomas Prime)
15. Memorable Soul (Instrumental)[BONUS TRACK]
16. Surrounding Reality (Instrumental)[BONUS TRACK]
17. Night Watchers (Instrumental)[BONUS TRACK]

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